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These images embody what I hope our house looks and feels like in the future. Interesting and intriguing wall art, patterned pillows, an efficient workspace, color, cozy guest rooms, and lots of light. Enjoy!0cde0345b437aecd3f43a984a6bce097

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IMG_3516I’m so thankful for wonderful friends who have equally wonderful babies. I got to meet Leland Katherine Kidd this past weekend, and she’s perfect! So snuggly and warm. And those fingers!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetIke and I stopped in Chattanooga last Sunday and walked around the Market with the pup. It was full of food trucks, artists, and farmers, so we ate delicious BBQ sandwiches and stocked up on farm-fresh eggs and all-natural dog bones!

IMG_3310Here’s a small peek at our bedroom in the new house! It doesn’t have anything on the walls, we still need a floor-length mirror, and matching nightstands, but it feels like home.

IMG_3517The church we attended for the first time last week was held in a warehouse, which I love. We don’t know if it’ll be our church home, but it was so nice to be attending church together again!

IMG_3513Before our move, we were a bit concerned with how Scout would cope. We quickly decided that we would be diligent in taking her to the dog park frequently so she could socialize and wear herself out. After taking her a handful of times, I began to wonder if she would ever find a buddy who would run incessantly with her. Well folks, meet Bernie. He and Scout became fast friends today! We hope to see him again soon.