quick update

IMG_2462as of today, we’ve got only TEN days until we leave the great state of georgia and head to tennessee! just typing that gives me anxiety about all that we have left to do… i initially thought that since our current living space is only two rooms + a bathroom, packing would be a breeze. and while it hasn’t caused any major fights between us, it’s definitely a bit more time consuming than i bargained for.

however, in a stroke of sheer genius, ike planned a beach trip for the week before our move! and that wasn’t sarcasm. i’ve been aching for the beach lately, and it’ll be the perfect (and most welcome) distraction from the chaos that is moving. after a few relaxing days in the sand, we’ll have three busy days of tying up loose ends and saying bittersweet goodbyes. if i think too much about what our move means, i could cry. the Lord has blessed both of us with the most incredible group of friends who have been nothing but supportive, helpful, and prayerful during this time in our lives. we are so grateful!

between now and our move, we’ve got to a few projects to finish:

  • staining and sealing our kitchen table (which looks awesome!)
  • cleaning and painting the table frame
  • cleaning the chairs we bought for our kitchen table — think vintage danish style.
  • our taxes — 1099’s are going to be the death of us.

please be praying for us as we close this chapter of our lives and prepare ourselves for the upcoming adventure!


2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. I’m so excited for you two, beginning a new adventure in the Souths most vibrant city currently. My prayers and my wishes will each day follow you as you begin your new life and careers. Love you soo much…….mimi

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