williamson —> peachtree city —> williamson —> gainesville —> williamson —> lone oak —> williamson.

ike and i put lots of miles on the car this past week, and this coming week is no different. today we leave for the mountains for new years with a few other friends, then we’re heading down to thomasville on thursday for a couple of days! our first trip as a married couple to my precious hometown 🙂 i am so looking forward to it.



the best man i know

you know when wives claim they have the best husband that has ever walked the earth? well i’m here to tell you that all of them are wrong, because my thoughtful and charming husband built me a bed. BUILT ME A BED. yeah, that’s right. here’s the most beautiful bed i’ve ever laid eyes on—


the big reveal: as we walked into our home as husband and wife, ike showed off how clean the apartment was. then he proceeded to walk me into the bedroom where he surprised me with this beauty! he used old barn wood and an early 1800’s door from his family farm. this bed is the epitome of all of my pinterest-based obessions. it’s farm-style, clean and seek, and full of warmth. the fact that he made it for me with his own two hands is the cherry on top. i most definitely married the sweetest man in the world.

i started a new blog to reflect my new stage of life. ike is insistent that i start blogging again, so i’ll be covering my many loves: fashion, design, the south, and my brand new husband. enjoy!