i’ve got some big news!


it’s been way too long since i’ve posted on here, and for that i apologize. lots has been going on between the holidays, weddings, parties, traveling, youth events, etc. perhaps one of the most exciting and time-consuming things in my life is the fact that…

we’re moving!


after a whole lot of prayer and consideration, second-guessing, and late-night conversations, ike and i have decided that it’s time for us to take a huge leap of faith and move to a city that we’ve both loved from afar. we are beyond excited to take this step because we see it as an opportunity to fully begin a life together, in a place where neither of us have a comfort zone except for each other. we chose nashville not only because it’s an awesome city, but because ike will have the chance to pursue music while i focus on finding a career. 

we don’t take this move lightly, because ike and i have had the most amazing opportunities as single people and as a married couple here in the south atlanta area. the church we attend/work at is full of incredibly loving and encouraging people that we consider family. we have had such great times with so many friends in the past couple of years. we’ve been able to live in a small apartment, in the middle of nowhere, where we’ve enjoyed each other’s company without distraction. we are sad about leaving our loved ones, but take solace in the fact that we’ll finally (hopefully!) have a guest bedroom that y’all can come crash in anytime. 

the big move will be happening in the first week or so of march, so ike and i made a pact to spend as much time as possible with our friends and family before then. so let’s get together! also, if you have any advice on where to live/work/shop/hangout/go to church in nashville, please let me know! we would appreciate it more than you know. 

lastly, your prayers and positive thoughts over the next few weeks are warmly welcomed. we’re anxious and somewhat terrified of moving to a brand new city without jobs, but we’re trusting Him throughout it all. and we’re so excited!