one week!

today marks one whole week that we’ve lived in nashville, tennessee! it’s been an extremely busy week between figuring out where to shove  place things once they’ve been unpacked, learning our way around the city, grocery shopping, searching for jobs, job interviews, and the list goes on…

after one week, i can confidently say that we are really happy with our decision to move here. we obviously miss our friends and loved ones, but we feel that nashville is the place for us. almost every day we find something new that we love about it: the dog park close by, delicious local restaurants, the traffic that is infinitely more bearable than atlanta’s, and the distance between us and the nearest marshall’s (less than 6 miles!).

IMG_3394speaking of, here’s our house! we live less than 10 minutes from downtown, close to the airport, in a 4 bedroom/1.5 bath house. we absolutely love the place. it’s got a fenced in backyard, so scout has thoroughly enjoyed being able to play outside for hours on end. i’ll show y’all the inside once all the boxes are put away!

IMG_3396we are headed to our first church service tonight! it’s primarily for musicians, who are unable to make sunday services due to the fact that they’re typically playing gigs. we’re so thankful that it’s available to us because ike will be gone every sunday for the near future. you can find more information about it here.

i’ve got a few interviews this week, so please cross your fingers that i find a great job soon!


One thought on “one week!

  1. the house is the cutest. text me your address so i can send your b-day present to you! so happy your guys are happy & cannot wait to come and visit! love you guys!

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