mood board

These images embody what I hope our house looks and feels like in the future. Interesting and intriguing wall art, patterned pillows, an efficient workspace, color, cozy guest rooms, and lots of light. Enjoy!0cde0345b437aecd3f43a984a6bce097

1b3e08ff63e4117d6a6ddf10784e6296.jpg3e8362560e940e4c7c2b28ee835632c8 6dca86aea981a963da410744a355202b 995bfafa8642da4924f81c5b6b8d7855 a64c13cef3d6000c899dca02780ab6ea bac4b7bdab306be01506c0bddb1a62db c6233d326b0c5c553b91d4a83094c52b cf49f84efa956ddc00df027a44996e6f cfdf5a674be5c91139a41a020c0d468f dc111fa4f58610994998ec2ba1eee13f ec09ab526628e1dc531e1def1031062f fdbaac8aee2e45ee7641fbbfe070c46ball photos via Pinterest


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