where to eat in thomasville

my favorite restaurant in my favorite town is jonah’s fish & grits! for those of you not from thomasville, jonah’s is located right off broad street in downtown thomasville. they have incredible food– i’ve had so many things off the menu and have never been disappointed. my go-to meal the past few times we’ve been in town has been their cyclone shrimp wrap with fries! if you get a chance to go, you’ve got to try it. it’s probably in ike’s top 5 favorite meals ever. 

Imagethey have an unmistakable small town feel that i love– it’s hard to go in there without seeing one or two familiar faces. and that’s what i love about downtown thomasville: it’s quaint, but beautiful and has tons to offer. 



there’s a lot on the list of what i love about visiting my hometown, and jonah’s is pretty high up there. where do you like to eat when you go home?


muffin frittatas

most days of the week, ike and i have to eat out at least once due to all of the church events we have to attend. to some people, eating out frequently is probably exciting, but we actually prefer cooking at home and enjoying a meal we’ve prepared ourselves. so when we finally had the chance to cook lunch at home, i decided to branch out a little and make something i’ve never made before. i chose frittatas because they’re really simple and healthy, and they’re also a recipe that doesn’t get overdone.

when we were at serenbe a few days prior, we saw some bright orange chanterelle mushrooms that i had never seen for sale before, and only recognized them because we have a ton growing right by our house! i had recently wondered if they were edible but i wasn’t willing to risk it until i saw them at the farmer’s market. ike loves mushrooms so he wanted them incorporated into the meal. he went out and foraged a few, cleaned them, and i sauteed them in bacon grease (yum!). i added yellow squash, red onion, orange bell pepper, and a dash of cheese to the whipped eggs, poured them into the muffin tin, and then baked them for about 10 minutes!

Imageike paired them with some leftover baby back ribs from the night before, and i ate them alone. it’s definitely a recipe i’ll be repeating!

what are some interesting recipes you’ve tried lately?

saturday morning surprise

if you’ve followed this blog for a bit, you know how much ike and i love serenbe, the incredibly beautiful and inspiring community south of atlanta. we have been talking about it constantly since we first went, so when ike surprised me with the idea of a breakfast date, i was so excited! it was extra nice to spend that quiet time with him because for the two days prior, ike was in the cohutta wilderness with boys from the youth group. we went without any type of communication for over 24 hours for the first time since we started dating! it was definitely strange but at least i know it’s possible!

anyways, our breakfast date was spent eating at blue eyed daisy bakeshop and walking through the saturday morning farmer’s market. we ate bagels & lox again and also shared a fresh twisted cinnamon pastry that was undoubtably terrible for us but beyond delicious.








the weather was kind of gross but we braved it and walked around for an hour or so before heading back home. i can’t wait to go back again!

(re)design on a dime

for the past few years, my mom has had an intense love for stores like marshall’s and tjmaxx. she would make weekly trips to tallahassee to frequent both stores because of their incredible prices and merchandise. i thought she was somewhat crazy until about two years ago when i needed to decorate my house. my roommate amy and i found amazing stuff at tjmaxx and i’ve been hooked ever since.

fast forward to now, and even though i live in the middle of nowhere, there is a marshall’s only 15 minutes away! ike and i both love that place because i find affordable household goods and he finds nice dress shirts + ties, so it’s a win-win. about a month ago, i was perusing the aisles and found a great deal on a set of pillows + curtains! ike has made it clear many times that our bed already has too many pillows on it (our sleeping pillows, two shams, and three decorative pillows…), so i knew if i purchased these, they would have to replace the existing ones. which actually worked out well because the old ones were just reused on our couch. i got everything home and absolutely loved the new look– i’ve been adamant that i wanted our bedroom to feel put together while also representing both of our styles, and i think i’ve managed to do just that.

here’s how the area looked before:

IMG_6907notice the plain, cream curtains and matching cream pillows. i still love the way it looked here, but i think it has more personality now:


the printed pillows were a set that only cost $20, and the chevron curtains were $25! the chevron detail is only prominent at nighttime when there’s no outside light shining through. i was hesitant about the print at first because in the era of Pinterest, chevron has been way over done. but after a few days, i decided they could stay.




another new addition, our window unit! our apartment doesn’t have central a/c, so we only had the one window unit that’s in our living room. the unit worked great at keeping the living room cool, but once april hit, we knew a unit in the bedroom was absolutely essential. ike found a great deal on one on craigslist, and the thing has been a dream come true. i can confidently say that without the unit, we would be sleeping on the pullout sofa.

moral of the story, you don’t have to spend a lot to change up your room! i’m all about purchasing inexpensive things that allow me to change things up temporarily. have you done any redecorating lately?

five things


we made a pit stop at southern ground in senoia to see our good friend steven after we finished bible study with the middle schoolers. they were having open mic night, which in most cases means bad news– but on this particular night, we got to hear an incredibly talented duet between a teenage boy and girl. they were so great and it was disappointing that they could only play two songs. also, there’s nothing like ice cold beer in a mason jar!


hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower, so naturally i had to stop and capture this bloom. i feel like this particular color is hard to come by, and i feel lucky to have found a whole bush of them in a cute senoia alleyway. hydrangeas will forever remind me of my wedding.


i could take pictures of him all day!  i particularly love the color of his shorts against the weathered bench. it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty stinking cute, too.



there are certain things that make it feel like summer, and cherries are one of those things. once they started popping up in grocery stores, i’ve had my eye on them. however, they’re pretty pricey this season (maybe they always are, but i’m just now noticing), so i avoided actually purchasing any until publix put them on sale! ike and i managed to eat almost the entire bag in less than a week. they’re perfect for the hot and humid weather we’ve been having for the past few weeks.


belated graduation


as you probably already know, i graduated from the great University of Georgia in may! it was may 10th, to be exact, which also happened to be ike’s birthday. it was an extremely busy weekend to say the least.

i graduated right on time, after four years of challenging classes and nail-biting football games. i can still remember the day i moved into my dorm freshman year, and how nervous i was to have to learn my way around campus. i remember mapping out where each class was and what bus i had to catch at what bus stop so that i didn’t look like the clueless freshman that i was. college was such an adjustment for me because i had to teach myself how to actually study, and i had to learn to be disciplined in my reading and note-taking. i quickly caught on to how important studying was, and i actually came to enjoy it. i learned that making flash cards was the best way for me to learn lots of material, and i swear i must have kept the flash card industry alive.

college was full of incredible times, both on and off campus. looking back on my four years, i couldn’t have done it without my best friend, lauren. she pushed me during the times that i wanted to quit, and she made sure that i was social when i really didn’t want to be. we’ve made it through 22 years together and i’m so thankful for the relationship that we have. here are a few pictures that we took on the day of graduation:

2nch  2w4n


9y1p  lxej

a few other people i couldn’t have gotten through college without: my incredibly giving, selfless, and loving parents. they made it possible for my to go to my dream school and supported me the entire way. their willingness to answer their phones when i needed to vent about a terrible grade, their visits to athens to bring me a taste of home, and their constant prayer for me made it possible for me to finish. i will forever be grateful for the opportunity they gave me and the lessons they taught me along the way, like budgeting 🙂




and finally, my sweet bear of a husband. we began dating the spring semester of my junior year, and he made the rest of my college career the best. it certainly was full of tons of driving back to forth to see each other whenever possible. without a doubt, my favorite semester of college was the one i spent engaged and planning a wedding to the most wonderful man.

7ytz  s3riq72s

here are a few pictures from the actual ceremony! it was a serious production, that included a huge fireworks show at the end. i almost didn’t attend the ceremony, but i’m so glad i did.





what to pack

back in may, our friends spencer and megan told us that they were about to book a cruise to the bahamas for september. they said, “y’all should come with us!” ike and i figured they were just being nice by inviting us, but a few days later they called and told us exactly which ship to book, etc. fast forward to today, we’re less than two months away from setting sail, and i’m kinda freaking out. you may not know, but i’m weirdly afraid of huge ships/old ships/big planes/buoys/being next to anything really big. it’s a strange fear and i’m aware of that, but it’s very real. the thought of being on the dock next to a cruise ship is giving me the sweats even now. you’re probably asking, so why on earth did you spend hundreds of dollars on a cruise?! good question. i’m convinced that this is one way to overcome my fear, and once i do, it’ll be a ton of fun! wishful thinking?

either way, i’ve already started thinking about what to pack (naturally). i’ve obviously never been on a cruise, but i’m going to assume that the only time i need to actually look presentable is at supper, because i’m planning on living in my bathing suit during the day. here’s a few things that i’m going to be sure to take:

  • of course i’ve got to have some lightweight shirts and tanks paired with colorful shorts because it’ll allow me to be comfortable in the heat and also look somewhat put-together. i’m particularly fond of the blue cotton t-shirt and the elephant print short. the shorts are from the latest collection at Banana Republic, Milly.
  • i plan on taking two bathing suits because we’re only going to be on the ship for two full days, so any more suits would be a waste of space. i love the scalloped details on the navy suit. i’m pretty sure it’s sold out at TopShop.
  • sunglasses! such a necessity. i normally wear ray-bans, but i’m thinking about purchasing a cheap, plastic pair that i won’t worry about losing or crushing. i love the round shape of these glasses because you don’t see it very often.
  • i almost always overestimate the number of pairs of shoes that i need for a trip, so i’m going to limit myself to two pairs + heels for supper. the rainbows are a staple of my summer wardrobe, and i love the two-toned leather sandal because it’s so simple and easy.
  • a beach bag is important because it’ll be stuffed with sunscreen (so important), wet towels, lip balm, a floppy hat, and hair products. i’m going to try to find a spray that will protect my hair from the sun exposure, and also a salt spray to give me beachy hair so that i don’t have to mess with it.
  • and finally, a watch! i guess i should find a waterproof watch, but i love this leather one.

even though i’ve planned my wardrobe, i’m still not prepared for what’s ahead. i plan on closing my eyes and having ike direct me to the ship. otherwise, i can’t promise that i’ll actually make it on board. cross your fingers!