cruisecation day 1

it’s been weeks since i’ve posted, and for good reason! we’ve been so incredibly busy recently that i literally haven’t had a chance to post. as some of y’all know, we went on our first cruise at the beginning of this month! and the morning after we got home, i started my new job at a local restaurant, so it’s been chaotic. but, back to the cruise! i took a bunch of photos, so i’m going to break the posts up by day to make sure y’all aren’t overloaded!

we were really excited to finally get some real vacation time (i.e. no phones, no internet, no way for anyone to reach us and ask us to do something…). it was the best feeling in the world to be unplugged for three days. on friday morning, we picked up our best friends spencer and megan, and drove down to port canaveral, florida.


after going through security and boarding the ship, we grabbed a drink from the bar and headed to our rooms to retrieve our luggage. then we met at the buffet to get a pre-dinner snack! since the moment we booked the cruise, everyone told us how much food we would end up eating.. and they were so right. 

Image(i didn’t think to take a photo of the room until after i sat on the bed, so excuse the messiness.)


after indulging in the buffet, we just walked around and became acquainted with the ship for an hour or so before we had to head to our rooms and get ready for supper! we made an effort to get dressed up every night, even though the ship only had one actual formal night. we felt like we rarely get the chance to get dolled up, so we took full advantage.

ImageImagethis was taken outside of the formal dining room, which was called My Fair Lady. they had the best food and waiters.

check back really soon for day 2!


five things

IMG_9897a couple of weeks ago, my parents were in atlanta for a few days and we had the chance to grab some dinner with them! we took them to 5 Seasons Brewery in Sandy Springs and had some of the best food i’ve ever eaten. this flight of delicious beers belonged to my dad!


these “fall essentials” are all on my shopping list. however, ike and i are in the business of saving money at the moment, so for now i’m having to restrain myself.  the daily texts with my sister, emily, about our newest fashion obsessions doesn’t necessarily help my need for self-control.IMG_9942i’ve been longing to try this beer for awhile now because of the unique packaging, and it did not disappoint! it’s a difficult beer to find, but i came across it at our taco mac. i can’t wait to have it again!

IMG_9979we visited a somewhat new restaurant in peachtree city, grazing here. this is their bar, and i’m in love with the atmosphere of the place. it’s all about local food, which is totally up my alley. i can definitely see us frequenting this place a bit more!

IMG_9908we made a short trip down to thomasville recently and got to check out the brand new Grassroots building! it’s gorgeous and roomy yet cozy. i loved this collection of old and new chairs together.


honey mustard brussel sprouts

i think we can all agree that brussel sprouts are not exactly everyone’s favorite vegetable. i grew up eating them and therefore love them, but i encounter more and more people that have a strong distaste for the somewhat bitter green. as i was searching the internet for healthy side dishes, i came across a recipe for honey mustard brussel sprouts with smoky bacon. of course it caught my eye and i knew i had to make them immediately.

the recipe is extremely easy, and most likely you already have everything you need just sitting in your kitchen! i’ve made it so many times now that i have tweaked the recipe just a tad, so here’s a list of my ingredients:

  • himalayan pink salt
  • honey
  • spicy brown mustard (instead of dijon)
  • minced garlic (i don’t always have fresh garlic on hand)
  • olive oil

IMG_0026i don’t use the bacon that it calls for because we typically eat bacon with breakfast, and as much as ike would like to eat it twice, i like to keep things cheap. also, i used broccoli in last night’s recipe because i didn’t have enough brussel sprouts for both of us (it cooks the exact same).

IMG_0003after washing and cutting both vegetables, i make the sauce in a separate bowl– the bowl needs to be big enough to house all of the vegetables once the sauce has been made, so be sure to pick a good-sized bowl.  i don’t necessarily follow the recipe anymore, i just eyeball the amount i need of each ingredient. you want just enough to coat all of the vegetables.


IMG_0021once the sauce is completely mixed, throw in the vegetables! when the veggies are coated, bake them at 425 for 25 minutes! they’re super easy and delicious– we’ve already had them twice this week.




i always line whatever dish i’m going to cook them in because baked honey is pretty difficult to scrape off of a pan.

IMG_0017that’s it! this post is dedicated to my dear friend evanda who claimed to absolutely hate broccoli until she tried this at our dinner party. enjoy!

the anchor

something i’ve come to realize over the past few years is that i have an affinity for rugs. not just any rugs though, i mean big and bold rugs that anchor an entire room. our living room is carpeted, so unfortunately i haven’t been able to fully enjoy my love for rugs in our current home. you might remember the rug we first purchased for our bedroom right after we got married:IMG_6772it has been a great addition to our room because of the neutral colors (that don’t show dog hair), the size (5×7), and the price ($29.99!). however, scout’s nails haven’t been very forgiving and the rug has multiple pulls in it now. those pulls have had me looking for other rugs that won’t break the bank and will be more accommodating to a large dog. i’m obsessed with vintage printed rugs and Design*Sponge has been providing me with plenty of inspiration lately!




2lancei would love to find one like this particular one because of the colors and fringe on the ends! it belongs to a couple in Philadelphia and i just so happen to be in love with their entire loft. go check it out!

what are you currently pining over?



a night out

last week, i was able to tag along with the corporate band that ike plays in to a gig at STATS Bar in atlanta. they were scheduled to play at their rooftop lounge, but since it rains every single day, they had to move inside.

IMG_9821how beautiful? it’s really too bad they couldn’t play outside.

IMG_9848everyone from the company absolutely loved The Retreat, but i think the people who had the best time were the waiters and bartenders– they were constantly dancing behind the bar and requesting certain songs.


shane cole, the bassist for the band/one of our best friends.


i got lucky and was able to go home with the drummer… 🙂

IMG_9822none of us had ever been to STATS before, but i think we’ll definitely go back!

athens, i love you

joni mitchell totally had it right when she sang, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” i loved my time in athens, but by the end of it, i was ready to move on to the next thing, i.e. marriage! however, as summer began to wind down and everyone started posting statuses with a countdown until the first day of school, i started to mourn the fact that i wouldn’t be walking on the UGA campus as a student anymore.

don’t get me wrong, i love where i am now, but there’s something about athens that is addicting. i have no doubt that UGA is the greatest university in the south (and probably in the country), and athens has an incredible small town feel.

i had mentioned my longing for athens a few  bunch of times to ike, but his schedule never allowed us time to make a day trip. so i decided to call up my best friend, lauren, to plan a trip by myself! once it was planned, i basically had a countdown going on because i was so thrilled. we planned where to eat, drink, and shop before i even arrived!


Imagewe ate at ted’s most best downtown and then went shopping at a few local shops. one in particular, american threads, was fairly new and so great. the inside was somewhere that i would love to live; they had the perfect mix of metals and old woods, white and black, and a few pops of color that made the place so unique. and their clothes were great as well!

Imagelater that night, we met up with our friends amy and tyler at terrapin brewing company! it was pretty rainy (of course), but the beer was delicious and we loved getting to catch up.



Imageme, lauren, and amy // we realized after taking this picture that it’s a bit of a print overload!

my trip was super short but just what i needed. it seems like i’ve been gone forever, and athens has changed so much since i left. i can’t wait for future trips!

a food coma

i don’t know about you, but when we’re planning a vacation, we also pre-plan our menu and take whatever we need with us so that we don’t have to eat out all the time. however, we usually designate a meal or two to eating at our local favorites. when we went to the lake this past week, we didn’t have to fully plan our meals because we were visiting ike’s mom and her husband. another thing we didn’t fully plan on: rain, and lots of it. 

with the way it’s rained non-stop this summer, we should have assumed our vacation would be wet. but when it refused to quit raining, our relaxing and fun vacation seemed far from reach. ike had a gig one night during the trip, so he and i went to lunch beforehand. we drove the 20-minute drive to clayton, a small town that has a few local restaurants. just when we were about to head into a place we’d been before, lo and behold the most perfect restaurant popped up! apparently it’d been there for two years and we just never noticed it. enter Universal Joint, the restaurant that saved the day:Image

as soon as we saw the roll up garage doors and the metal barstools, our spirits were lifted. then we saw the extensive draft beer list, and our day was made!



a german fruit beer that was extremely purple and extremely delicious.


fries with chunks of bacon, scallions, and cheese. these were terribly good, which caused me to fill up on them before my food ever came out.

Imagemy actual meal consisted of a brisket taco and pork taco, which wasn’t even touched until later that afternoon. 

if you ever find yourself in clayton, georgia, you’ve got to stop by this place. we can’t wait to go back!