cruisecation day 2

on day two of our wonderful cruise, ike and i headed to breakfast and stopped to take a few photos:Image this is the top deck of the boat, where they had a few of pools, bars, a midnight buffet, and lots of dancing. ImageImageafter breakfast, we met up with spencer and megan at the pool for a bit before packing a bag for our destination of the day: nassau, bahamas! none of us had ever been there before so we truly didn’t know what to expect. when we got off the boat, they ushered us into this colorful building that took you to the straw market, which was full of people trying to offer you a taxi ride, sell you useless trinkets, and more. ike and spencer had previously talked about renting scooters, so when a lady approached us with what seemed like a good deal, we took it. after a chaotic debacle, we finally had scooters!ImageImageImageImagewe rode about 50 miles around the left side of the island (the right side was mainly national forest). we stopped to eat some fried conch and drink local beer, drove some more, explored a pirate cave, swam in the ocean, and on our way back enjoyed a delicious piña colada. it was an awesome day, but i couldn’t help feeling strange about us being there. the island had some truly desolate places, some impoverished places, and then some places of extreme wealth. it felt odd to be vacationing in a place where so many people live day-to-day. however, i enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the ocean!ImageImageImageImageImageike and i turned our scooter in and headed back to the boat around 5pm because i was feeling pretty sick. i took a hot shower, slept for an hour and half, woke up just in time to watch UGA beat South Carolina (!!!!) and then got ready for dinner. here’s what we wore the second night:ImageImageImageImageour waiter, cajetan, was literally the best. it didn’t matter what we ordered, he would bring us an extra appetizer/entree/dessert. it got to the point where we just ordered two of each course (yikes)! we ate like kings and queens on the cruise.

that night, they held a dance party at midnight on the top deck. they had a huge buffet, a DJ with a light show, and even the ship officers showed us how to gangnam style. it was so much fun! and surreal to think that all the staff were there to make sure that we were having fun pretty much at all times. crazy.

IMG_0169 IMG_0178check back soon for day 3!


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