cruisecation day 1

it’s been weeks since i’ve posted, and for good reason! we’ve been so incredibly busy recently that i literally haven’t had a chance to post. as some of y’all know, we went on our first cruise at the beginning of this month! and the morning after we got home, i started my new job at a local restaurant, so it’s been chaotic. but, back to the cruise! i took a bunch of photos, so i’m going to break the posts up by day to make sure y’all aren’t overloaded!

we were really excited to finally get some real vacation time (i.e. no phones, no internet, no way for anyone to reach us and ask us to do something…). it was the best feeling in the world to be unplugged for three days. on friday morning, we picked up our best friends spencer and megan, and drove down to port canaveral, florida.


after going through security and boarding the ship, we grabbed a drink from the bar and headed to our rooms to retrieve our luggage. then we met at the buffet to get a pre-dinner snack! since the moment we booked the cruise, everyone told us how much food we would end up eating.. and they were so right. 

Image(i didn’t think to take a photo of the room until after i sat on the bed, so excuse the messiness.)


after indulging in the buffet, we just walked around and became acquainted with the ship for an hour or so before we had to head to our rooms and get ready for supper! we made an effort to get dressed up every night, even though the ship only had one actual formal night. we felt like we rarely get the chance to get dolled up, so we took full advantage.

ImageImagethis was taken outside of the formal dining room, which was called My Fair Lady. they had the best food and waiters.

check back really soon for day 2!


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