honey mustard brussel sprouts

i think we can all agree that brussel sprouts are not exactly everyone’s favorite vegetable. i grew up eating them and therefore love them, but i encounter more and more people that have a strong distaste for the somewhat bitter green. as i was searching the internet for healthy side dishes, i came across a recipe for honey mustard brussel sprouts with smoky bacon. of course it caught my eye and i knew i had to make them immediately.

the recipe is extremely easy, and most likely you already have everything you need just sitting in your kitchen! i’ve made it so many times now that i have tweaked the recipe just a tad, so here’s a list of my ingredients:

  • himalayan pink salt
  • honey
  • spicy brown mustard (instead of dijon)
  • minced garlic (i don’t always have fresh garlic on hand)
  • olive oil

IMG_0026i don’t use the bacon that it calls for because we typically eat bacon with breakfast, and as much as ike would like to eat it twice, i like to keep things cheap. also, i used broccoli in last night’s recipe because i didn’t have enough brussel sprouts for both of us (it cooks the exact same).

IMG_0003after washing and cutting both vegetables, i make the sauce in a separate bowl– the bowl needs to be big enough to house all of the vegetables once the sauce has been made, so be sure to pick a good-sized bowl.  i don’t necessarily follow the recipe anymore, i just eyeball the amount i need of each ingredient. you want just enough to coat all of the vegetables.


IMG_0021once the sauce is completely mixed, throw in the vegetables! when the veggies are coated, bake them at 425 for 25 minutes! they’re super easy and delicious– we’ve already had them twice this week.




i always line whatever dish i’m going to cook them in because baked honey is pretty difficult to scrape off of a pan.

IMG_0017that’s it! this post is dedicated to my dear friend evanda who claimed to absolutely hate broccoli until she tried this at our dinner party. enjoy!


2 thoughts on “honey mustard brussel sprouts

  1. Do you even know how happy I am to just open my blog at work and see this on my feed?! I was going to wait until I got back from vaca to try to make this myself, but I am pretty sure I am going to make it at the beach.
    Thank you!

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