the anchor

something i’ve come to realize over the past few years is that i have an affinity for rugs. not just any rugs though, i mean big and bold rugs that anchor an entire room. our living room is carpeted, so unfortunately i haven’t been able to fully enjoy my love for rugs in our current home. you might remember the rug we first purchased for our bedroom right after we got married:IMG_6772it has been a great addition to our room because of the neutral colors (that don’t show dog hair), the size (5×7), and the price ($29.99!). however, scout’s nails haven’t been very forgiving and the rug has multiple pulls in it now. those pulls have had me looking for other rugs that won’t break the bank and will be more accommodating to a large dog. i’m obsessed with vintage printed rugs and Design*Sponge has been providing me with plenty of inspiration lately!




2lancei would love to find one like this particular one because of the colors and fringe on the ends! it belongs to a couple in Philadelphia and i just so happen to be in love with their entire loft. go check it out!

what are you currently pining over?




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