athens, i love you

joni mitchell totally had it right when she sang, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” i loved my time in athens, but by the end of it, i was ready to move on to the next thing, i.e. marriage! however, as summer began to wind down and everyone started posting statuses with a countdown until the first day of school, i started to mourn the fact that i wouldn’t be walking on the UGA campus as a student anymore.

don’t get me wrong, i love where i am now, but there’s something about athens that is addicting. i have no doubt that UGA is the greatest university in the south (and probably in the country), and athens has an incredible small town feel.

i had mentioned my longing for athens a few  bunch of times to ike, but his schedule never allowed us time to make a day trip. so i decided to call up my best friend, lauren, to plan a trip by myself! once it was planned, i basically had a countdown going on because i was so thrilled. we planned where to eat, drink, and shop before i even arrived!


Imagewe ate at ted’s most best downtown and then went shopping at a few local shops. one in particular, american threads, was fairly new and so great. the inside was somewhere that i would love to live; they had the perfect mix of metals and old woods, white and black, and a few pops of color that made the place so unique. and their clothes were great as well!

Imagelater that night, we met up with our friends amy and tyler at terrapin brewing company! it was pretty rainy (of course), but the beer was delicious and we loved getting to catch up.



Imageme, lauren, and amy // we realized after taking this picture that it’s a bit of a print overload!

my trip was super short but just what i needed. it seems like i’ve been gone forever, and athens has changed so much since i left. i can’t wait for future trips!


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