a food coma

i don’t know about you, but when we’re planning a vacation, we also pre-plan our menu and take whatever we need with us so that we don’t have to eat out all the time. however, we usually designate a meal or two to eating at our local favorites. when we went to the lake this past week, we didn’t have to fully plan our meals because we were visiting ike’s mom and her husband. another thing we didn’t fully plan on: rain, and lots of it. 

with the way it’s rained non-stop this summer, we should have assumed our vacation would be wet. but when it refused to quit raining, our relaxing and fun vacation seemed far from reach. ike had a gig one night during the trip, so he and i went to lunch beforehand. we drove the 20-minute drive to clayton, a small town that has a few local restaurants. just when we were about to head into a place we’d been before, lo and behold the most perfect restaurant popped up! apparently it’d been there for two years and we just never noticed it. enter Universal Joint, the restaurant that saved the day:Image

as soon as we saw the roll up garage doors and the metal barstools, our spirits were lifted. then we saw the extensive draft beer list, and our day was made!



a german fruit beer that was extremely purple and extremely delicious.


fries with chunks of bacon, scallions, and cheese. these were terribly good, which caused me to fill up on them before my food ever came out.

Imagemy actual meal consisted of a brisket taco and pork taco, which wasn’t even touched until later that afternoon. 

if you ever find yourself in clayton, georgia, you’ve got to stop by this place. we can’t wait to go back! 


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