the “it” piece: update

remember my post about a month ago where i confessed my undying love for a piece of furniture that seemed to evade me no matter how hard and often i scoured craigslist? well hallelujah, i’m so thankful i wrote that post because a woman from church read it and GAVE me the exact dresser i had been dreaming of! 

Imagethat’s right, this beautiful hunk-of-a-dresser is now mine. it’s even more perfect than i imagined! we had to rearrange the room, as you can probably see, because my old dresser was only 4 feet long, and this beauty is 6 feet. once we get back into town and i have to chance to clean up the room, i’ll give you an updated tour. Imagei still can’t believe that i didn’t end up having to fork over hundreds of dollars for my dream piece. now all i need is a vertical mid-century dresser for ike! and also a smaller piece for a media cabinet… 


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