muffin frittatas

most days of the week, ike and i have to eat out at least once due to all of the church events we have to attend. to some people, eating out frequently is probably exciting, but we actually prefer cooking at home and enjoying a meal we’ve prepared ourselves. so when we finally had the chance to cook lunch at home, i decided to branch out a little and make something i’ve never made before. i chose frittatas because they’re really simple and healthy, and they’re also a recipe that doesn’t get overdone.

when we were at serenbe a few days prior, we saw some bright orange chanterelle mushrooms that i had never seen for sale before, and only recognized them because we have a ton growing right by our house! i had recently wondered if they were edible but i wasn’t willing to risk it until i saw them at the farmer’s market. ike loves mushrooms so he wanted them incorporated into the meal. he went out and foraged a few, cleaned them, and i sauteed them in bacon grease (yum!). i added yellow squash, red onion, orange bell pepper, and a dash of cheese to the whipped eggs, poured them into the muffin tin, and then baked them for about 10 minutes!

Imageike paired them with some leftover baby back ribs from the night before, and i ate them alone. it’s definitely a recipe i’ll be repeating!

what are some interesting recipes you’ve tried lately?


One thought on “muffin frittatas

  1. Um yummy! This is in one of the paleo recipe books I have been looking at. Eggs, Bacon, Peppers, Onions all in a little muffin pan! Mmmm!

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