(re)design on a dime

for the past few years, my mom has had an intense love for stores like marshall’s and tjmaxx. she would make weekly trips to tallahassee to frequent both stores because of their incredible prices and merchandise. i thought she was somewhat crazy until about two years ago when i needed to decorate my house. my roommate amy and i found amazing stuff at tjmaxx and i’ve been hooked ever since.

fast forward to now, and even though i live in the middle of nowhere, there is a marshall’s only 15 minutes away! ike and i both love that place because i find affordable household goods and he finds nice dress shirts + ties, so it’s a win-win. about a month ago, i was perusing the aisles and found a great deal on a set of pillows + curtains! ike has made it clear many times that our bed already has too many pillows on it (our sleeping pillows, two shams, and three decorative pillows…), so i knew if i purchased these, they would have to replace the existing ones. which actually worked out well because the old ones were just reused on our couch. i got everything home and absolutely loved the new look– i’ve been adamant that i wanted our bedroom to feel put together while also representing both of our styles, and i think i’ve managed to do just that.

here’s how the area looked before:

IMG_6907notice the plain, cream curtains and matching cream pillows. i still love the way it looked here, but i think it has more personality now:


the printed pillows were a set that only cost $20, and the chevron curtains were $25! the chevron detail is only prominent at nighttime when there’s no outside light shining through. i was hesitant about the print at first because in the era of Pinterest, chevron has been way over done. but after a few days, i decided they could stay.




another new addition, our window unit! our apartment doesn’t have central a/c, so we only had the one window unit that’s in our living room. the unit worked great at keeping the living room cool, but once april hit, we knew a unit in the bedroom was absolutely essential. ike found a great deal on one on craigslist, and the thing has been a dream come true. i can confidently say that without the unit, we would be sleeping on the pullout sofa.

moral of the story, you don’t have to spend a lot to change up your room! i’m all about purchasing inexpensive things that allow me to change things up temporarily. have you done any redecorating lately?


One thought on “(re)design on a dime

  1. I LOVE the new curtains! Chevron but still sort of rustic. And the doorknob on the headboard is quite a statement piece ;-). That’s my girl….

    Love, Mom

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