five things


we made a pit stop at southern ground in senoia to see our good friend steven after we finished bible study with the middle schoolers. they were having open mic night, which in most cases means bad news– but on this particular night, we got to hear an incredibly talented duet between a teenage boy and girl. they were so great and it was disappointing that they could only play two songs. also, there’s nothing like ice cold beer in a mason jar!


hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower, so naturally i had to stop and capture this bloom. i feel like this particular color is hard to come by, and i feel lucky to have found a whole bush of them in a cute senoia alleyway. hydrangeas will forever remind me of my wedding.


i could take pictures of him all day!  i particularly love the color of his shorts against the weathered bench. it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty stinking cute, too.



there are certain things that make it feel like summer, and cherries are one of those things. once they started popping up in grocery stores, i’ve had my eye on them. however, they’re pretty pricey this season (maybe they always are, but i’m just now noticing), so i avoided actually purchasing any until publix put them on sale! ike and i managed to eat almost the entire bag in less than a week. they’re perfect for the hot and humid weather we’ve been having for the past few weeks.



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