belated graduation


as you probably already know, i graduated from the great University of Georgia in may! it was may 10th, to be exact, which also happened to be ike’s birthday. it was an extremely busy weekend to say the least.

i graduated right on time, after four years of challenging classes and nail-biting football games. i can still remember the day i moved into my dorm freshman year, and how nervous i was to have to learn my way around campus. i remember mapping out where each class was and what bus i had to catch at what bus stop so that i didn’t look like the clueless freshman that i was. college was such an adjustment for me because i had to teach myself how to actually study, and i had to learn to be disciplined in my reading and note-taking. i quickly caught on to how important studying was, and i actually came to enjoy it. i learned that making flash cards was the best way for me to learn lots of material, and i swear i must have kept the flash card industry alive.

college was full of incredible times, both on and off campus. looking back on my four years, i couldn’t have done it without my best friend, lauren. she pushed me during the times that i wanted to quit, and she made sure that i was social when i really didn’t want to be. we’ve made it through 22 years together and i’m so thankful for the relationship that we have. here are a few pictures that we took on the day of graduation:

2nch  2w4n


9y1p  lxej

a few other people i couldn’t have gotten through college without: my incredibly giving, selfless, and loving parents. they made it possible for my to go to my dream school and supported me the entire way. their willingness to answer their phones when i needed to vent about a terrible grade, their visits to athens to bring me a taste of home, and their constant prayer for me made it possible for me to finish. i will forever be grateful for the opportunity they gave me and the lessons they taught me along the way, like budgeting 🙂




and finally, my sweet bear of a husband. we began dating the spring semester of my junior year, and he made the rest of my college career the best. it certainly was full of tons of driving back to forth to see each other whenever possible. without a doubt, my favorite semester of college was the one i spent engaged and planning a wedding to the most wonderful man.

7ytz  s3riq72s

here are a few pictures from the actual ceremony! it was a serious production, that included a huge fireworks show at the end. i almost didn’t attend the ceremony, but i’m so glad i did.






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