what to pack

back in may, our friends spencer and megan told us that they were about to book a cruise to the bahamas for september. they said, “y’all should come with us!” ike and i figured they were just being nice by inviting us, but a few days later they called and told us exactly which ship to book, etc. fast forward to today, we’re less than two months away from setting sail, and i’m kinda freaking out. you may not know, but i’m weirdly afraid of huge ships/old ships/big planes/buoys/being next to anything really big. it’s a strange fear and i’m aware of that, but it’s very real. the thought of being on the dock next to a cruise ship is giving me the sweats even now. you’re probably asking, so why on earth did you spend hundreds of dollars on a cruise?! good question. i’m convinced that this is one way to overcome my fear, and once i do, it’ll be a ton of fun! wishful thinking?

either way, i’ve already started thinking about what to pack (naturally). i’ve obviously never been on a cruise, but i’m going to assume that the only time i need to actually look presentable is at supper, because i’m planning on living in my bathing suit during the day. here’s a few things that i’m going to be sure to take:

  • of course i’ve got to have some lightweight shirts and tanks paired with colorful shorts because it’ll allow me to be comfortable in the heat and also look somewhat put-together. i’m particularly fond of the blue cotton t-shirt and the elephant print short. the shorts are from the latest collection at Banana Republic, Milly.
  • i plan on taking two bathing suits because we’re only going to be on the ship for two full days, so any more suits would be a waste of space. i love the scalloped details on the navy suit. i’m pretty sure it’s sold out at TopShop.
  • sunglasses! such a necessity. i normally wear ray-bans, but i’m thinking about purchasing a cheap, plastic pair that i won’t worry about losing or crushing. i love the round shape of these glasses because you don’t see it very often.
  • i almost always overestimate the number of pairs of shoes that i need for a trip, so i’m going to limit myself to two pairs + heels for supper. the rainbows are a staple of my summer wardrobe, and i love the two-toned leather sandal because it’s so simple and easy.
  • a beach bag is important because it’ll be stuffed with sunscreen (so important), wet towels, lip balm, a floppy hat, and hair products. i’m going to try to find a spray that will protect my hair from the sun exposure, and also a salt spray to give me beachy hair so that i don’t have to mess with it.
  • and finally, a watch! i guess i should find a waterproof watch, but i love this leather one.

even though i’ve planned my wardrobe, i’m still not prepared for what’s ahead. i plan on closing my eyes and having ike direct me to the ship. otherwise, i can’t promise that i’ll actually make it on board. cross your fingers!


One thought on “what to pack

  1. again, i am so excited you have wordpress! cruise?! i have the same fears & i get motion sickness pretty easy but SO excited for you guys!

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