five things


a leftover picture from our tybee island trip that i forgot to post! we’re standing outside of the restaurant we ate lunch at with emily. you can kind of get a feel for how cool the place was!


not everyone knows this, but… ike got a new car! we had been talking about it for awhile now, and saving up everything we could. his previous car was a 13-year-old ford focus with manual windows. having to crank a window in 2013 is a humbling thing. his dream car has always been a VW Jetta TDI, and he finally found a 2009 model in tampa, florida. so last monday, i drove him to the airport at 3:45am, he flew down to tampa, drove the car for the first time, haggled with the dealer, and headed back home in his new car, arriving just after 11pm. it was a long day! but he couldn’t be happier with the car, and i’m thrilled that he finally has the car he deserves. 


pinterest recently inspired me to create my own popsicles. i ordered a few molds from crate and barrel, and went to town! this particular recipe had freshly picked blueberries, a whole lemon, blackberries, and a few spoonfuls of honey greek yogurt. ike loved them, which is great because they’re super healthy!


this little lady and i spent one morning at the vet getting her yearly vaccinations. it just happened to fall on the one year anniversary of us adopting her! she is the sweetest puppy alive and we’re just so thankful to have found her, even though it was completely unplanned. if you’ll notice, she’s a monster and weighs 64.9 pounds. everyone at the pound loves her and is just obsessed with how good of a patient she is. we’re proud parents.

a sweet couple that goes to our church is currently finishing up their debut worship album and has been having little preview sessions for their friends and family. we went to the one this past sunday night, which was located at a church member’s barn. these ladies were right near the barn, and of course we had to go play with them. ike loves goats and insisted i take his picture with them. notice how they’re wearing collars! so cute.


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