tybee island + savannah

my parents recently rented a house on tybee island for a week! with our busy schedule, we were only able to head over for about a day and a half. one of our best friends, hunter, lives in savannah and was able to take off of work to hit the beach with us. ike and i had such a blast spending some quality time with my parents.

my sister, emily, even came over from georgia southern while we were there and it was so nice catching up with her!


i know it’s hard to believe that she’s the younger of the two of us…

on our way onto the island, ike pointed out a restaurant that he wanted to try while we were in town, so we grabbed emily and headed over for an early lunch. it was basically a food truck with a large covered seating area. the food was great but the atmosphere was my favorite part.



the one pretty night that we had on the island, we headed over to northbeach grill and enjoyed some of the best margaritas i’ve had in a while! and of course we had to have a photoshoot since it’s very rare that we’re all together.


image image


image image

saturday morning was our check out time, so after loading up all the cars and saying goodbye to my parents and emily, ike and i followed hunter back to savannah. he showed us his downtown apartment and then we walked all around the huge downtown. we visited the farmer’s market which was full of delicious-looking treats, and lots of interesting looking people. but the best part was that almost everyone had their dog with them, so we got to see some pretty adorable pups.

image image

we grabbed some coffee at a sweet local coffee shop that used all organic beans. it was definitely some of the best iced coffee i’ve ever had!


we then walked over to city market and grabbed some lunch before walking back to hunter’s apartment and heading home. it was an extremely short but sweet vacation, and we definitely plan on spending some more time on the island. one reason being that they have a wet willie’s, which we just discovered. if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a walk-up daiquiri bar that’s got approximately 20 or so flavors. and the amazing thing about the area: they don’t have open container laws, meaning you can grab a daiquiri to-go. we can’t wait to go back!


3 thoughts on “tybee island + savannah

  1. Sarah and Ike, it is such fun to follow your exciting , busy life and to revel in your happiness…love you guys!!!

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