five things


on our way back from vacation, ike and i stopped by tallulah falls gorge and went in the gift shop to get a few local gifts for our lovely fathers. as you probably know by now, i’ve called ike “bear” or “little bear” since the very beginning of our relationship. it’s an affectionate nickname that hopefully doesn’t embarrass him too much. as we headed to check out, there was a display of these cuties on the counter, and of course i picked one up. ike immediately told me to get it for my nightstand, which i thought was precious! i know it’s not his most favorite nickname, but i love that he understands me. 


in an effort to try new recipes, i made these brussel sprouts and they were DELICIOUS. seriously. even if you aren’t a fan of brussel sprouts, i can’t imagine anyone not liking this recipe. they smelled heavenly before they were even baked. they’re super easy to make— i chose to go without bacon because we had just eaten bacon with breakfast. regardless, try these:


last week was “five days straight” with the youth, meaning we were busy all week. any down time at home was spent napping, and i snapped this cute shot before i fell asleep. ike was already passed out, but he still held my hand. i’ve tried to focus lately on the sweet moments that otherwise may get overlooked, and this is one of those 🙂


excuse the morning eyes, but it’s too sweet of a picture not to post! ike left for an out of state gig late tuesday night. when her dad’s gone, i let scout sleep with me (for protection and because it’s so stinking cute). she usually wakes me up around 7 to go pee, but this particular morning she slept in. i woke up and as soon as i moved, she turned her head to look at me, and then snuggled in really close. that never happens! she just laid there for a few more minutes before jumping off the bed to let me know it was time to get up.


we never go on actual dates, like dinner + a movie. in fact, i think we’ve only done that once in our whole relationship. but when we’re in peachtree city at dinner time and don’t have any plans for cooking, we tend to go to kobe for their incredible sushi. it’s actually where we had our first date, so we love reminiscing about it. sushi dates are my absolute favorite.


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