the “it” piece

i’m going to come right out and say it, i’m obsessed with furniture shopping. that being said, i’ve done very little of it in my lifetime. i’m more of a window shopper when it comes to furniture because up until six months ago, the only furniture i felt i needed was the stuff that came in a box from target/walmart. you know, the furniture that comes in about 20 pieces, plus screws, nails, those plastic things shaped like nails, etc. my college rooms were filled with the cheapest stuff that still looked semi-decent. fast forward to now, when i’m trying everyday to make our house look more like a put together home than a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs. since we won’t be living in this particular place for years to come, i haven’t bothered to buy any furniture because i’m afraid of wasting money on something that won’t work in our future homes. i know this will always be a concern, so i’m trying to move past it.

one piece of furniture that i’ve been obsessing over for many, many months is a mid-century wooden dresser like this:

i just love the square shape with the peg legs, and the simplicity of it all. well, these bad boys cost a pretty penny. in fact, there’s a similar one on ebay for around $799… 

generally, these pieces are from the company Bassett Furniture, which is probably why they’re so expensive. i scour craigslist pretty much every other day in search of something similar because not only do i love it, but ike does as well. score.


i’m almost to the point where i refuse to settle for anything else, so until i find a reasonably priced lookalike, i’ll keep searching. 


how gorgeous are they? i would love a horizontal dresser to use as a media cabinet under our TV so we could hide our cords and DVD’s. i would also love one similar to this to use as a dish hideaway:

all that being said, if you run across one, i’m begging you to let me know. i will be forever indebted to you!


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