six months ago


we have officially made it through six months of wedded bliss as of today! this past week, we’ve been saying “six months ago today, we were on our way to our rehearsal dinner,” etc. and finally, today marks six months that i’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband who shows me the love of Christ everyday. 

all day i’ve been thinking about what to write here— how do i describe the past six months? how do i write about the incredible memories that we’ve already made: the laughs we’ve shared (a lot), the meals we’ve made, the miles we’ve driven, the moments where we catch each other’s eye and just smile because we’re so stinking happy? that last part probably sounds corny, but it happens everyday.

every time i wake up next to ike i’m reminded of the commitment that we made on december 15, 2012. i was so relaxed on our wedding day, and i was determined to stay that way so i could enjoy the best day of my life. we ate, we danced, we laughed (so much so that half of our pictures together are us laughing), hugged lots of people, and kissed as much as possible. ike kept whispering in my ear, “look around at everyone here for us, and soak it all in.” 


i don’t think i’ve ever felt as loved and blessed as i did on that day. having our loved ones surround us in prayer during the ceremony is a memory that i’ll treasure forever. ike and i still talk about how powerful hunter’s prayer was.

as i was thinking about what to write, i kept thinking of ike’s qualities that i adore so much. i made a mental list of things that i wish for every girl to find in a partner. some of them are things that i didn’t even think to look for in a partner, but things that i’ve since realized i cherish.


1. find that guy who can not only make you laugh uncontrollably, but can also laugh at himself. ike is known as a jokester to anyone who’s ever spent two seconds with him, and i love that. he can instantly lighten the mood, and he often has everyone around him in stitches. not only is he hysterical, but ike doesn’t take himself too seriously, which allows him to be light-hearted and open. one characteristic that i’ve valued in our relationship is that he isn’t prideful and receives advice well, which i don’t believe to be a common thing to find in a man. he’s taught me so much about remaining humble to ensure constant growth in our characters.


2. find that guy who will let loose and enjoy the moment. ike and i were literally the first and last people on the dance floor at our reception. the only times we left were to cut the cake, take a few pictures, and get another beer. find a man that is easy-going, and life gets so much easier.


3. find that guy that will look at you like this. seriously, how precious is this? and no, it wasn’t staged. i might be bragging a bit here, so please excuse me. what i mean to say is, find that person that will look at you like nothing else in the whole entire world matters one tiny bit. the look that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the universe. 


4. find that guy that makes you proud to be his. ike makes me indescribably proud, every single day. not only am i proud of his character, his work ethic, his heart, his values, etc… but all of those things make me infinitely proud to be his wife. find a guy that makes you feel like you’ve won the partner lottery. 

5. find that guy that will pray with you and for you.  i love the times that we pray for each other, both out loud and silently. anytime i’m sick, my back is sore, or i feel a cold coming on, ike immediately prays over me. the power of prayer is so real, and i value ike’s willingness to stop and pray for me no matter where we are— for instance, in the middle of the produce section in publix. 


the list could go on and on, but i’ll save that for another post. these are just a few things on the long list of characteristics that i cherish about my husband. after six months of marriage, i love him more today than i ever have. more than i ever thought possible. and i’m thankful daily for a Father that so carefully orchestrated this union. 

happy six months, bear. i love you lots.


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