five things


last sunday, ike got home from a 2+ day trip for a wedding they played in north carolina. he managed to catch a few hours of sleep in the van, got home just before 7am, and climbed into bed after a long shower. i spent the next few hours doing some online window shopping and drinking delicious coffee. around 10:30, i decided that i’d waited long enough to see my precious husband so i needed an excuse to wake him up. homemade french toast covered in fresh fruit, warm maple syrup, and our favorite coffee (Bali from did the trick. 


we finally got to go on a vacation that lasted longer than two nights! this is lake rabun, one of our favorite places to go. we honeymooned there, so this vacation actually felt like a second honeymoon. we got out on the pontoon boat multiple times and rode up and down the lake, commenting on each incredible house, and making mental notes on what our dream house will look like… 


and we went back to the mountain fresh grocery store in highlands, nc, where we enjoyed a beer in the same seats as we did on our honeymoon (see below). it’s a cute little store that has the essentials, along with some awesome additions such as a wood-burning pizza stove, beer on tap, and a menu including lobster. we met one of the sweetest couples there that we chatted with for over half an hour, ron and janice. they’ve celebrated 37 years together, and ike and i loved hearing their stories and telling our own.



i rarely get to see one of the sweetest people i know, EB. she filled in for the female wedding band vocalist, and i was able to attend the gig, so we managed to squeeze in a few hours of quality time. this girl is ridiculously kind, so funny, and overall, a joy to be around. i’m so thankful we got to catch up!


last but not least, i was able to watch my favorite drummer play! in my humble opinion, he’s the greatest there is. i loved watching him in his element with all of his friends. we enjoyed tasty drinks, danced to some black eyed peas, and spent the first saturday night together in weeks. 


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