five things


ike and i went on a somewhat-spontaneous trip to my favorite place: thomasville. i spent the majority of the time in my parents’ pool. they recently refilled it, and it was surprisingly warm and perfect. i got a nice base tan that i’m extremely excited about because i’m convinced all outfits look better with a tan.


this is how we spent memorial day. as soon as we arrived in thomasville, our swimsuits came out and we didn’t go back in until the sun went down. my parents had our best friends, megan and spencer, over for a cookout that included massive burgers, roasted potatoes, salad, and mixed berries with cool whip. one of our favorite parts of the trip was the cooler full of tasty beer that was ice cold when we arrived. my parents are the best hosts.


it was so good to see this handsome man. he’s so much fun + he’s always happy. and his mama and papa aren’t too bad themselves.


we had a lock-out with our youth that included this disturbing/hysterical game that includes partner 1 feeding partner 2 cheetos with their feet. believe it or not, ike and i played this and won. i’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed…


i catch myself staring at my finger multiple times a day. not only are my rings shiny and beautiful, they just remind me of the commitment ike and i made to each other a mere 6 months ago. he’s my favorite. for those of you who don’t already know, ike gave me the second thin band on the one year anniversary of our engagement. it amazes me on a daily basis how thoughtful and giving he is.


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