our first party

we’ve been married for a little over five months now, and until this past friday, we had yet to throw our first party! ike and i started discussing the need to have one back in april, and decided that we should celebrate his birthday and my graduation (which fell on the exact same day). since that particular weekend was already guaranteed to be 100% full— parents coming into town, graduation, birthday, a wedding gig in alabama, AND a church service led by our youth— i marked may 17th on my calendar as the day to throw our party. 

i worried that not many of our friends would be able to make a friday party because lots of them happen to be local musicians, who play pretty much every weekend. once i found out that almost all of them could make it, i went into full on party planning mode. i made a bunch of lists and mental notes on what food we needed, drinks, decorations, what needed to be done around the house, and even what the food + beverage table would look like. i kept telling ike that i wanted our first house party to not only be a ton of fun, but also feel more like a grown up party than a college one (even though lots of beer pong was played!). 

after i settled on a snack menu that included homemade buffalo chicken dip and cream cheese icing + bacon topped cupcakes, i went with the lovely EB to the most incredible TJMaxx HomeGoods on earth and found the last few things i needed for the table. friday morning consisted of deep cleaning the bedroom and bathroom, plus vacuuming and picking up lots of junk that we had lying around. i’ve got to give a shout out to my incredibly hard-working husband who tirelessly helped me accomplish everything that i wanted inside and outside the house— he mowed the whole lawn (which is huge), weed-eated (weed-eatered? weed-ate?) everything, and vacuumed, among many other things.

—ike took a cleaning break and scout was thrilled—

fast forward to friday afternoon and some of our best friends from thomasville arrived to the apartment! it was so special to us that they came because friday also happened to be their FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary. love them.

okay enough talk, here are some pictures of the party decor!

i used as many things of my own that i could, and only bought things if i knew i’d reuse them. 

things i already had: the paper straws, the wooden slabs, the BAR letters, the flower vases, the cupcake tray— which has a pig on it and says “bacon is my favorite flavor”—, and a few of the bowls.

things i bought: the plastic chip bowls, the woven basket— i’ve been wanting one anyways—, the lantern, the flowers, and the citronella candles.

ike and i had the best time because we were surrounded by many people that we so rarely get to see. people drove from thomasville, savannah, woodstock, marietta, etc. what great friends… our first party was definitely a success!


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