five things

i’m starting what will hopefully be a weekly post, where i show you 5 highlights from my week. my first highlight comes in a package about 6’3″ tall, painfully handsome, and impeccably dressed. i had the opportunity to tag along with the band last weekend while they played a wedding in auburn, alabama. ike’s ensemble is made up of an alfani red suit + jcpenney gingham shirt + calvin klein tie= one good looking drummer. 

i had the pleasure of witnessing these incredible siblings declare their faith and be baptized into the Kingdom. definitely one of the happiest moments of my time working with the youth. 

thursday night, my sweet friend EB and i had a dinner date in the marietta square. our restaurant was farm-to-table, and their delicious cheese plate included cheese from my hometown! sweetgrass thomasville tomme (top). 

i finally got around to hanging some frames! this was a super quick project because i was itching to get something on the wall. the frames are from crate and barrel!

and here’s a sneak peek at the tablescape from the party ike and i threw last night! i’ll eventually get around to doing a whole post about it, promise.

and that’s my week!


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