a mini diy project

for some reason, since we got married we’ve had a shortage of lamps. ike only had two small bedroom lamps that had definitely seen better days, and i only had a huge brass lamp that my parents had given me and a small bedroom lamp. thankfully, ike’s mom had a leftover floor lamp (which we desperately needed) that she was going to get rid of, and i decided that we should take it home even though it was a terrible shade of green. ike immediately hated it and didn’t think we should take it, but i knew that with our lamp shortage, we couldn’t afford to say no to freebies. well that lamp sat in our living room in its original state for over four months until i finally decided it was time to spruce it up. here’s how it looked before (minus the fact that i had begun spray-painting it before i realized i hadn’t taken a picture):

image image

see what i mean about the color? the shape of the legs definitely isn’t the best, and the green color just emphasized how old the lamp was. i had to clean it pretty well, and then i grabbed a grey (shocking, i know) can of spray paint at lowe’s and went to town. it was an extremely easy and quick makeover, so i’m kicking myself that i didn’t do it sooner.

image image


i would show you how it looks inside the house now, but that would require me to showcase the lampshade we’re having to currently use, and that’s just embarrassing! sidenote: target lampshades are not always the best option.


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