texas forever

-if you’re a friday night lights fan, that post title was for you-

i recently had the opportunity to go out to dallas to visit my older sister and her husband + 2 kids! i had hoped to be out there shortly after vivian’s birth, but tickets were way out of our price range. thankfully, southwest had a great deal going on where i was able to get 20% off my flight just a few weeks later! 


obligatory photo from the sky

so earlier this month, i left ike (for the first time, tear) and made my way to dallas for 3 whole days. jennifer had let me know ahead of time that the kids were just getting over a cold, and she was coming down with one. i decided to go anyways because i figured a sick mama with a newborn and a toddler could use an extra pair of hands! and because i was dying to meet the chunky monkey that is my new niece.


how incredibly beautiful and chunky is she?! vivian hit the two month mark while i was there and she’s already a full 14 pounds! mama is feeding her well.


this little man is such a ham— he’s always doing things to try to make everyone around him laugh. the picture on the left is the face he gave me when i asked for a picture, and the one on the right is us before we headed outside to play some “bah-ba” (basketball). and if you’re wondering what the heck is on his head, it’s a cloth hat that he’s outgrown but had to wear because it was chilly outside. if you’re an office fan, please tell me michael scott’s “prison mike” impression comes to mind with the purple cap.

need more proof that i have a precious niece and nephew?



it hurts just thinking about how much i love these two! i wish uncle ike could have been there to hang out with elliott and meet vivian, but i definitely made sure that elliott practiced saying ike’s name. it usually came out more like “ahhk,” but it was so sweet. 

i got lucky because dallas had some beautiful weather while i was out there! jennifer and anthony’s dog georgia and i soaked up lots of sun together while i was out there. georgia is such a sweet mama to those kids— she’s extremely gentle when needed and also loves to “rough house” with elliott whenever he’s playful. i hope scout’s like that when we have kids!

you may be thinking, “what’s so special about that salad?” well i’m here to tell you that IT’S THE BEST SALAD IN THE WORLD. or at least the best salad i’ve ever had, and i’ve had my fair share. every time i’ve been out to visit jennifer, i’ve insisted that we go back to Eatzi’s, which is basically a smaller version of whole foods or fresh market. they have incredible food, but i get the same salad every single time. since jennifer had moved since the last time i’d been out there, we had to make an hour-long roundtrip drive to get these salads, but it was so worth it. there used to be an Eatzi’s in Buckhead, but unfortunately they’ve closed. so if you ever encounter one, you have to either get a salad or one of their colossal sandwiches (ike and anthony’s favorite). seriously, they’re life-changing.

two more pictures of this cutie pie, just for good measure. 

this happened the morning i was leaving. elliott loves his baby sister, and vivian is obsessed with elliott. so before i left, elliott decided to smother vivian with lots of kisses, which made it that much harder to leave!

i’m so thankful that ike made it possible for me to go out there! i’ll forever be grateful that i got to be with vivian so soon after her birth. 


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