today was a day full of delicious food. after church, ike and i headed to publix for our weekly grocery trip. we grabbed everything we needed, and then decided that we needed one more thing: a buffalo chicken sub from the deli. if you haven’t had one, go get one immediately. they’re so good and i like to pretend they’re healthy. 

for an appetizer tonight, i made one of my mom’s signature party foods. it includes only three ingredients: mini sweet peppers, garlic and herbs cheese, and craisins. they’re super simple to make and always a favorite. we had them at the engagement party our parents threw for us and i’m almost positive i ate half of the plate. 


they definitely don’t look beautiful, but i promise they’re really tasty.

and for dinner, i decided to try my hand at homemade shrimp & grits. on our recent trip to thomasville, we ate lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, jonah’s. their shrimp & grits are seriously incredible, even southern living magazine agrees. ike ordered a bowl and from then on i’ve been wanting to try to make it. luckily, publix had their shrimp on sale, so we grabbed almost a full pound (make sure you get the ones that are de-veined and de-tailed). we also grabbed mushrooms, zucchini, squash, and green onion to go in the dish. without describing every step, i sauteed all of the veggies together while the grits cooked on the stove. then i sauteed the shrimp and garlic afterward. that order worked well for me because the grits were still hot when the shrimp finished. 

ike claims to not be a huge grits fan, but he said the meal was “fantastic,” so i’m happy. it’s definitely something i’ll make again because the homemade version cost about half of what most restaurants charge! 

as i’m writing this, ike is on an emergency oreo run (his own, not mine). before he left, he said he would make me a latte when he got back so we could enjoy our movie night. excuse me while i fall into a food coma…


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