spring break 2013

it’s officially been too long since i’ve blogged. unsurprisingly, a lot has happened over the past week or so. let’s begin with last weekend:

friday-sunday consisted of a youth retreat called DNOW (Discipleship Now), and our group had around 50 kids participating. during DNOW, the kids stay at host homes with a leader or two, and there are group sessions friday night, and saturday morning and night. thankfully, ike and i didn’t have to be group leaders, so we were able to actually sleep in our own bed. however, there wasn’t much sleep to be had because we were constantly having to be somewhere to either pick up kids, drop them off, or set things up for the next event. we probably got around 4.5 hours of sleep both friday and saturday nights, and that daylight savings time change about killed us. we got home on sunday around 2 and both took over 2-hour naps. and then slept for 10 hours that night. it was glorious.

then, my final spring break began! on monday, we continued to recover from the weekend. tuesday, we went to college park to visit with friends for a few hours before heading to ike’s band rehearsal at 8. i was supposed to hang out with my long lost friend, taylor, while ike rehearsed, but i got a lovely bout of nausea (no i’m not pregnant) and a super sore throat. the nausea went away by wednesday morning, but the sore throat is still going strong even today. on thursday, the real fun began! we packed up our hiking backpacks + scout’s (it’s just as precious as it sounds) and headed to jack’s river up in the cohutta wilderness. we’ve both hiked into the wilderness there, but we did a trail neither of us had done before. we were under the impression that this trail was supposed to be about a 4 mile hike with no river crossings… instead, we ended up crossing the river 3 times, one of which included us crossing in waist-deep, 45-degree water. after the third crossing, we decided that we’d had enough of the frigid water and cut the hike short to set up camp. over the 24 hour trip we ate 3 cans of chili, had all of our fingers and toes go numb, set up and tore down a pretty sweet campsite, hiked around 6 miles, maintained a warm fire, watched scout be happier than we’ve ever seen her, and told countless stories about our childhoods. it was extremely relaxing and i’m so thankful that i got some alone time with my sweet man. i love watching him in this element because he looks so dang happy. we’re hoping to make it a more common occurrence. 

and that brings us to today. we shared a delicious french press of grassroots coffee, ate some fruit, cleaned the house, and then ike left for a wedding in north augusta. i’ve done some laundry, homework, and laying out because it reached 70 degrees today! 


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