time for a new outlook

have you ever found yourself constantly worrying about what other people think, if you’re doing everything right, or if others are happy? i’ve realized more and more lately that i have the type of personality where i feel like it’s up to me to either save people (from themselves/others), or ensure that all of their needs are met. while this isn’t a terrible quality to have, it leaves little room for helping myself. 

i’ve been married to the most wonderful man for almost three months now. we live in a small, small town in the middle of nowhere. our schedules revolve around my schooling and his job at the church. my closest friends live over two hours away in athens, and when i’m there for school, they’re all extremely busy as well. planning a night out with friends takes a lot of time because we’re so far from everyone. we have a painfully cute dog that makes it a little difficult to plan away trips when ike is out of town. i’m 3 hours from my loving family and my favorite place in the world— i’m trying to convince ike to love it as much :). needless to say, these past three months have been full of new circumstances that i’m trying to adjust to. i’m slowly learning to make more time to do things that i love and enjoy, even if it’s a little inconvenient.

all of that being said, i wouldn’t change a thing because being married has been the most rewarding and exciting adventure i’ve ever been on. i’m constantly learning new things about my other half, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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