i’m pretending to be creative

you know those people that constantly post quotes on pinterest and attempt to recreate them, making it look like they’re really creative? i’ve become one of them… as least for the time being. our home walls are pretty much bare, and i’m always daydreaming about filling them with matted frames. i’m an avid reader of younghouselove.com— who are experts at framed quotes— so it was only a matter of time before i tried my hand are recreating the beautiful quotes that seem to be everywhere these days. 

just for good measure, those are a couple examples from younghouselove.com. i love the idea of breaking up the usual grouping of photos of loved ones with a few inspiring quotes.

i chose to doodle two quotes that i pinned to my own pinterest board. i love the simplicity of them, and one of them just happens to be the inspiration behind one of my favorite songs.

don’t worry, i’m not quitting my day job (which doesn’t exist). it was just fun to try something new! if you need any quote inspiration, check out my board on pinterest! i’m pretty sure there are dozens on there.


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