i’m on stylemepretty?!

when i was planning our wedding, stylemepretty.com (SMP) was instrumental in providing me with stunning and unique inspiration everyday. i can’t tell you how many of the pins on my wedding pinterest board are from SMP. they continuously have beautiful images from some incredible weddings, and even DIY posts that i adore.

so when we received our wedding pictures from red fly studio (theredflystudio.com), i pretty much immediately picked out the ones i would submit to the SMP blog. i figured it would be a long shot to get them actually posted on the site since i’m sure there are hundreds of weddings submitted every week. well… a few days after i submitted them, i got an email saying that they had been selected by the SMP Georgia blog!! needless to say, i was thrilled. i had no timeline of when the pictures would be posted until i received another email yesterday saying that they would be on the blog this morning! and silly me, i completely forgot to check until one of my close friends texted me to let me know i was a feature! i quickly went to the site and lo and behold:

queue my freakout. said freakout may or may not have included me reading the first paragraph to ike while he was in the bathroom. i couldn’t wait. and it wasn’t only because the blog is well-known and therefore many people would be seeing our pictures, but more so that all of the hard work that i put into that day, with major help from my parents + friends, was acknowledged as being “insanely beautiful” and “oh-so-fabulous.” isn’t that every bride’s dream?! planning a wedding without an actual wedding planner was definitely stressful, and it was so nice to know that we pulled it off. i’m extremely proud of how the day turned out! and of course, big kudos to our wonderful/hilarious/super-accomodating photographers, without whom our feature on SMP probably wouldn’t exist. their skills made a beautiful day even better.

if you want to see the post yourself, check it out at http://www.stylemepretty.com/georgia-weddings/2013/03/04/rustic-thomasville-wedding-from-red-fly-studio/!


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