sneakers are the new flats

image                               (pictures courtesy of pinterest)

something that’s been happening in the fashion world for a good year or so is the combination of clean sneakers and designer clothing. i’ll be the first to admit that i’m not usually creative enough to think of this on my own, so i’m sure glad someone else did. i cannot stress enough how much i love this trend. i love the look of a beautiful dress with heels, but sometimes mostof the time i don’t have the willpower to torture my feet like that for long periods of time. 

i recently ordered some squeaky clean sneakers from zappos so i could finally utilize this wonderful trend. i thought that i was ordering a beautiful pair of cranberry saucony’s, but i guess i didn’t pay attention to the description because when they arrived, it looked like someone ordered shoes for barney. they were a bright purple with obnoxiously neon green laces. needless to say, those weren’t the ones for me. i’m still on the hunt, and i’ve done lots of research looking for the perfect ones. here are a few of the sneakers i love:


i’m hoping within the next couple of months i’ll be able to buy one of these pairs and start trying to, in the words of tim gunn, make it work.


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