i have always enjoyed interior decorating, so when ike and i got married, it was the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy it on somebody else’s dime— and i don’t mean ike’s. we were extremely blessed with generous gifts from all of our friends and family, most of which were gift cards to target. score! ike and i have somewhat similar taste when it comes to decorating, which is a blessing in itself. 

while we were able to purchase pretty much everything we need for the house, there are still plenty of wants on my list. i’m obsessed with target’s home goods because the majority of them are right up my alley + affordable. although we’re focusing on saving as much as we can right now, it hasn’t stopped me from constantly daydreaming about products that would look perfect in our house. here are just a few things on that list. and good news: everything’s under $100!

1. we desperately need a trunk at the foot of our bed, not only for blanket and pillow storage but also to cover up the boxes we shamefully keep underneath. (target)

2. we’re still using our nightstands from our single days, which isn’t terrible except one’s brown and one’s black, and they’re two different heights. this grey one from target would give ike the storage he wants and give me the style i crave. (target)

3. a velvet ottoman with nailhead trim! ahhh. this would be too perfect for our bedroom. we’re seriously lacking in the ottoman game right now. (target)

4. i’m not usually one for wall clocks, but this would work so well with the concrete in our home. and in it’s defense, it doesn’t really give off the wall clock vibe to me. it’s very industrial but chic. (CB2)

5. i love this print because of the colors and the boldness. we’re having trouble finding lamps that fit our needs and budget right now, so this lampshade will have to stay on the shelves. (target)

6. i’ve been crushing hard on this arched floor lamp for about two years now, and it’s $70 price tag has kept me at an arm’s length. although i’m sure i could get years of use out of it, i’m way too frugal to put down that type of money on a lamp. too bad. (target)

7. these golden pig bookends are so ridiculous that they’re perfect. i love when shelving has quirky items that show the owner’s personality, and i think these would do just that. who eats more bacon than me and ike? no one. we need these. (CB2)

8. sunburst mirrors have become to wall art what chevron is to fabric. cliche and overdone, but still awesome. this one is only a little over $30 and has been on backorder for weeks now, which is one of the reasons why it isn’t hanging on my wall. another reason being that it’s hard to pull the trigger on something that i know is a fleeting trend. nevertheless, i still want it. (target)

side note: if anyone needs help spending a target gift card, i’m your woman! or if you just need help spending money, i’m here for you.


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