reason #1215

y’all may or may not know this, but my all time favorite band is needtobreathe. when their first album “daylight” came out, i remember my good friend sarah ( gave me a copy of the CD and i instantly fell in love. i’ve followed them since and have seen them three times: once at the 40 watt in athens, once at the georgia theater in athens, and once at the tabernacle in atlanta. i’m pretty much always on the lookout for any nearby cities that they play because i’m always itching to see them again. i don’t claim to be a music aficionado, but needtobreathe puts on an absolutely incredible show. 

well almost two months ago, i saw that they released tour dates for their new tour, drive all night. i quickly scanned the list for atlanta and saw that they were indeed coming to a city near me. then i saw that they’re playing the fox theater, and my heart sank. i’ve always known the fox to have higher prices than other venues, especially since it’s a way nicer place than most i’ve been to. regardless, being a frugal newlywed, i didn’t even mention the concert to ike because i didn’t want to spend the money. fast forward to super bowl night, and ike pulls out his phone and tells me that he has a surprise. i had no clue what it could be, so when he showed  me his phone with the show information on it, i was amazed. and SO EXCITED. then he tells me that our friend sarah beth and her husband are coming down from nashville to go, and i got even more excited! and then i saw that drew holcomb and the neighbors are opening for them and the excitement grew. 


this is just one example of what a thoughtful, sweet, giving husband i have. reason #1215 that ike is the perfect man for me. 


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