bathroom makeover


take a look at our new and improved bathroom! we worked really hard for months and are so proud of the outcome.

okay, so that was a lie. that bathroom is beautiful and open and bright and lovely, but it’s not mine. until ike and i can build/renovate our dream house, i will just daydream about it. since i gave y’all a peek at the major makeover we gave our bedroom, i figured i’d let you in on the improvements in the bathroom as well. we painted it the same weekend we painted the bedroom, and it’s actually only a shade lighter than the bedroom color. we wanted them to flow well, and since the bathroom and hallway have no natural light, we needed to make sure the paint color didn’t darken the already starved-for-light room. here’s a look at what the bathroom looked like before i took a paintbrush (and trash can) to it (please excuse the terrible quality):


the walls were probably white at one point in time, but by the time we got to them, they were somewhere between a dirty white and dingy yellow. 


you can see the mirror i later painted in this shot. it was such a dark wood that the bathroom felt even tinier. 


this is before i got rid of the stack of magazines, dried soap on the sink, the sink stains, and you can even see a glimpse of the carpet. carpet in a bathroom, you ask? it was the ’80s..

we painted the bathroom at the end of last summer, and i removed the framed picture and towel bars. as we began receiving wedding presents, i added the shower curtain and bath rug. it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the dreaded carpet was finally removed! i can’t tell you how excited i was to be done with the over 25-year-old carpet, even if it means that the concrete underneath freezes my toes off in the morning. the concrete isn’t in the best shape, but anything beats having wet carpet after a shower.


as you can see in the after shot, it’s improved a ton. the shower curtain is from the nate berkus x target line, and the rug is from target as well. my man took the time to hang two towel rods side by side, which makes me so happy because we’re no longer throwing towels over the shower rod— nothing says “i’m sophisticated” like using a towel rod. 


floor shot! the concrete is stained, but kind of makes for a cool, industrial look. as for the mismatched rugs, we just utilized the grey shag rug from ike’s old bathroom until we purchase a matching one. also, you can see the white door in this photo— it used to be the same peachy pink that everything else in the apartment was. it took three coats of paint to cover, but it made a HUGE difference.


this is just a wider angle of the bathroom, which shows the toilet, and kind of gives you an idea of the size of the room.


and finally, the beautiful art above our toilet 🙂 ike’s uncle frank and aunt lee gave us the stenciled burlap for our wedding. it was originally in our bedroom but i decided the bathroom wall needed it more. i like being reminded that i’m now a thurston.

so that’s the bathroom! thanks to wedding presents and gift cards, the only thing we actually paid for in the makeover was the paint. i failed to mention that the ceiling got a fresh coat of paint, but it just went from dirty white to white, so i didn’t feel the need to photograph that transformation. all in all, we probably paid $25 to paint the entire bathroom. $25 well spent, if you ask me. 


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