on our recent trip to thomasville, i saw these in the piles of leftover wedding decorations that my poor mom has to deal with and decided that i should bring them home and put them to use. these letters started off as plain old cardboard letters from hobby lobby, which i spray painted with a metallic paint to give it a chrome look. we hung them behind the bar at the reception and i loved how they turned out. anyways, adding these to our bar cart gave me the drive to finally do a post about the actual bar cart!

back in october, i went thrifting in athens and came across a somewhat beaten up cart for $25. i texted a picture to ike and he quickly agreed that we needed it. i love the look of bar carts because they always look like a party is about to happen! we by no means have a super impressive bar cart, but we love how accessible everything is for us, and also the fact that it’s extra storage in a house that has very little.


here she is! the cart is still in the same shape as when we first bought it, and it probably won’t receive any TLC until we move into our future home. she’s got some major scratches on the top, and i’d love to give her a fresh coat of paint, but i’ll wait for now. here are a couple more shots:

  image   image

up until about a month ago, we didn’t have a very impressive mixer collection, but when the recent kroger marked everything 50% off, we stocked up. we’re not huge liquor drinkers, but we like to have things available when the mood strikes.


from this angle, you can not only see the top shelf, but also the beautiful scratches… you’re probably wondering what the heck that caterpillar is, and i have to admit, it looks pretty strange in person too. ike’s dad’s girlfriend gave ike that bottle of tequila two christmases ago. apparently it’s a nice tequila, and ike has refused to open it so far. a few other liquors we keep in stock are two gins, a regular and a lime-infused. also, a man’s gotta have his whiskey. ike’s got a couple different kinds including jack daniels and knob creek. we’ve also got the obligatory svedka vodka, even though neither of us really drink vodka-based drinks. 

image    image

detail shots: i grabbed some of the straws we used at the wedding and placed them in a wide-mouthed mason jar, and also put a few candies in a ramekin. this thomasville pine-scented candle from the downtown store firefly has a special place on the cart. it’s one of my favorite things in the house right now.


and now for the bottom shelf. this shelf is designated for drink mixers, cocktail mixers, margarita salt, and beer. right now, we’ve got a few different margarita mixers, including texas, pomegranate, lime, and light lime (for the calorie conscious, i.e. me). add in multiple tonic waters for ike’s favorite gin and tonics, some ginger ale, seltzer water, a couple of cokes, and multiple kinds of beer and you’ve got a pretty stuffed second shelf. 


ike and i are lovers of stout beers, and if you need a suggestion for a good one, look no further than bell’s special double cream stout. we had it at sweetgrass dairy shop a few months ago and i couldn’t find it again until valentine’s day, when i gave ike a 6-pack as his present.


the final part of our cart, which is actually above the cart, is our wine holder. it’s a beautiful wooden holder from crate and barrel that we got as wedding present. it came with two holders, but we haven’t needed the second until now, hence the bottle on top. 

well that’s it! be inspired and go create your own bar cart. it instantly ups your classy points. 


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