birthday weekend!

my 22nd birthday is this coming tuesday! but since tuesday’s are full of driving and classes for me, ike and i decided to celebrate my birthday the few days leading up to the 29th. i’m terrible at letting people know what i want for my birthday, partly because i never really know and partly because i don’t like people spending money on me. so this year i told ike that rather than getting me a present, i’d rather us just enjoy a few nights out with friends! 

on thursday, ike rode up to athens with me so i could go to my two classes, and then we went to terrapin with lots of my friends! terrapin is a brewery based in athens that gives tours three nights a week. for $10, you get a pint glass and you’re able to taste all of their different beers. my favorite of theirs, moo-hoo, is a chocolate stout that is only available in the fall and winter, so going to terrapin is a must during this time of year. however, thursday night they also had wake-n-bake on tap, which is a coffee oatmeal imperial stout! basically it has all of the elements that a good beer needs. but as ike pointed out to me, terrapin doesn’t make a subtle beer, so this was super heavy on the coffee — so one of the innovative bartenders suggested mixing the two, which was delicious. after terrapin, we headed to ted’s most best in downtown athens and enjoyed some yummy carb-filled calzones before heading back home!



                            high school reunion! callie, jonathan, myself, and lauren




        me and caroline, who happens to hail from griffin, right near my new town!

i had such a great time with lots of friends that i haven’t really gotten to see since the wedding, and i’m so thankful that everyone came out. and i’m also thankful that i’ve got a husband that enjoys reminiscing on our wedding, because we were asked a thousand questions! we both had an incredible time on our big day and love telling people all about it. 

then friday night, we met up with some of our close friends, rod and henrietta, for dinner at maguire’s in downtown senoia! we stuffed our faces with their saucy wings and then headed over to zac brown’s bar southern ground social club to watch our friend steven play with a band called gin house ( if you haven’t heard of them before, you need to. we’ve seen them multiple times now and they’re seriously great. 


today is a completely packed day with sunday school, church, a church potluck lunch, paintball with the high school youth, then pizza and youth afterwards. whew. the birthday celebration will continue tomorrow night with sushi at the restaurant where we had our first date 🙂


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