at the beginning of the wedding planning process, ike and i decided that we wanted the day to be full of personal details that celebrated our relationship, our friends, and our families. i quickly determined that all of our centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres would be handmade; not only did i not trust a florist to fulfill my vision, but i also wanted to cut corners monetarily wherever possible. 

my wonderful mom ordered the flowers from the tallahassee costco about a month prior to the wedding, and then had to reorder them from a local florist three days before the wedding. long story short, costco messed up and never actually placed our order, so a friend came to the rescue and got us wholesale prices at the local florist! hooray for connections. we used creamy white hydrangeas (my favorite), baby’s breath, white roses, and tons of greenery that i won’t pretend i know the name of. and thanks to my parents’ green thumbs, we even incorporated greenery from their yard, which was extra special to me.

lauren and i began brainstorming boutonniere ideas in november or so and immediately  fell in love with this photo from pinterest:


i wanted the wedding to be laid-back and full of nature yet still modern and beautiful, and this boutonniere design completely captured that idea so i knew i needed to use it. plus, once i showed ike, he reacted the same way lauren and i did! i found a bag of pheasant feathers online from JoAnn’s for around $2, bought fake cotton bulbs from the florist, and used leftover greenery from the bouquets and centerpieces. i made all 15 boutonnieres by myself the day before the wedding and it only took around an hour and a half. they received so much praise and the groomsmen were so happy with the look!


here are some more shots of how handsome my man looked:





all in all, these babies cost around $2 a pop, nowhere near the $25-30 that a florist would have charged. so basically, i made all of them for the same amount that it would have cost to have one done professionally. and if i do say so myself, they turned out pretty dang well. 

check back soon for a look at the bouquets!


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