i love DIYing.

that being said, it can be difficult to find time between school on tuesdays and thursdays, church all day on wednesdays and sundays (perks of being a youth pastor’s wife), and usually some type of youth event on fridays or saturdays. our apartment has really started to feel like home thanks to my handyman husband, so there are actually only a few projects left. one of those projects was our bathroom mirror. we didn’t bother buying a brand new one because the original one wasn’t in too bad of shape, and also because money doesn’t grow on trees.. however it was a dark wood, which made the small bathroom feel even smaller to me. so i made use of the two days off i had last weekend while ike was out of town and used a little bit of leftover ceiling paint to bring the mirror into the 21st century!

i completely spaced and forgot to take a before shot of the mirror in the bathroom, so this will have to do:


as you can see, i had already began the process of taping off the edges (with masking tape.. i’m resourceful).


and that’s the lovely taped-off mirror.

then i took the mirror outside, placed it on a box to keep it off the ground, and began painting away:

image  image


now if i had truly been trying to create a masterpiece, i would have used some sandpaper to prepare the mirror for paint. but since i didn’t know where any was, i just gave that baby three coats.

while i waited for each coat to dry, scout and i enjoyed some play time — she’s so cute, it hurts.

image  image

after a couple of hours, the third coat was finally dry:


and… tada! such a simple project but it made a world of difference to me:



now i just need to figure out an inexpensive solution for an outdated bathroom light fixture. if you have any ideas, please let me know! i’ll try anything at this point.

also, one of my next projects will include finding art to cover the large, bare areas of our bedroom walls. we’ve got a huge wall opposite of our bed that is begging for some frames. my favorite DIY blog Young House Love recently tackled their own bare walls, and it’s serving as my inspiration:


check out that blogpost at http://www.younghouselove.com/2013/01/some-sunroom-art/  !


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