for christmas, i planned a surprise caving trip for ike and a few of his buddies. needless to say he loooved the gift and has been anxiously awaiting its arrival. well yesterday morning, ike finally headed out of town with his guys for a weekend of adventure! this is the longest we’ve been apart since getting married.. they are in the cave right now, so i’m passing the time while i nervously wait for the call that says they’re safe.

it was actually almost an entire year ago that i went on my first caving trip, which will remain a special memory for me. i love the outdoors but i also live with a healthy fear of anything that could cause me true harm, and ike doesn’t really seem to have that fear. there is no doubt that he’s the man for me because i allowed him to convince me to climb into a cave with him for 5 hours, army-crawl through freezing water, and squeeze my way through cracks that i was positive i would get stuck in. though the experience started out as a terrifying thrill, i eventually grew to enjoy the adventure and was so proud of myself afterwards. ike was my constant cheerleader and kept encouraging me throughout the entire trip. i couldn’t have done it without him! i’m actually looking forward to the next caving trip we take… crazy, i know.


the crew pre-cave from L to R: spencer and megan, hunter, jonathan, ike, and me


     aaaand post-cave! L to R: me, ike, hunter, jonathan, spencer, and megan

    image  image

probably one of the main reasons i knew i could make it out alive: megan was 3 months pregnant during this trip! one brave mama.

we were all famished afterwards so we headed to where the guys always go after a caving trip: cracker barrel! nothing like hundreds, if not thousands, of calories and way too many carbs to perk you right back up after hours of crawling in mud. 

i can’t wait to have my cave man back 🙂


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