bedroom tour

some of you may not know that ike and i were fortunate enough to be given a place to stay, free of charge. being a young, newly married couple, this was a huge blessing. ike’s wonderful dad, a pilot, lives in a flying community and therefore has his own hangar. on one side of the hangar is a quaint one-bedroom apartment, which is actually where ike’s parents once lived. the apartment was built and decorated in the 1980’s, meaning it needed some good ol’ TLC. the apartment hadn’t been lived in for years, so we began the process with many, many trash bags. the walls were a lovely shade of peachy-pink, so painting them became a priority. before i show you the before and after photos of our bedroom, here’s a short list of changes we made:

  • the walls went from peachy-pink to a light grey-blue
  • the ceiling, also peachy-pink, got a few coats of a soft white
  • we ripped up the carpet in the closet, laundry room, and bedroom
  • hung curtains to cover the laundry room
  • hung curtains over the bedroom window
  • painted the corner bookshelf
  • painted the doors, which were also peachy-pink (it was EVERYWHERE)

now, please enjoy some before and after photos! i apologize for the bad quality on the before photos… we didn’t have any lamps at this point so the room was a bit dark. 

before:                                                  after:

image  image

image  image

the laundry room (which is in the bedroom), before:


and after:




this next extremely blurry photo is the other side of the room, which as you can see is where the closet is. this side is by no means finished, but we’ve made some improvements!


this wall remains blank, but for now we have ike’s dresser and our television anchoring this side of the room:



and for good measure, a couple more detail shots:



i found this 5×7 rug on sale for $29, originally $99! hallelujah. and scout refused to stay off of it long enough for me to take the photo. good thing she matches it so well!


                              (i’m a sucker for a well-folded towel)


if you’re wondering to yourself where we purchased our decor, look no further than wonderful target. literally everything on our bed is from there, as well as our lamps, curtains, and rug. and please excuse our uneven nightstands, we’re still on the hunt for matching ones. 

hope you enjoyed a peek into our bedroom!


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