exactly one year ago today, i was making the drive from thomasville to fayetteville for the first time, to spend a few days with the guy that i had already promised to marry.

sounds insane, right? back on december 23rd, 2011, ike and i held hands for the very first time. while watching stepbrothers, so romantic. anyways, by the next day when ike had to leave, we both knew that this was something special. somewhere between the 24th and the 31st, after much conversation and prayer, we decided that we’d found the only person that could complete the other. fast forward to january 5th, 2012, and i packed up my car to head back to school, with a pit stop in fayetteville. that night, we went on our first date, had our first kiss, and he even asked me to be his girlfriend. all after we had already decided to get married — we realize this was backwards. the weekend included slack-lining (basically like walking on a tight rope), meeting so many people that i am honored to now call close friends, hanging out with my now father-in-law, and eating lots of sushi and chinese take-out. 

our first picture together, and moments before our first kiss.

today also marks three weeks of blissful marriage. our wedding day was beyond perfection, and i can’t wait to share pictures with everyone (once i receive them!). this past year has been, without a doubt, the absolute greatest year of my life and i’m eager to share many more with my best friend.


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