after all the traveling we’ve done over the past three weeks, ike has finally succumbed to sickness. therefore, we’ve decided to just relax at the house until he starts feeling better. with that said, i’ve been ogling trench coats for a year or so and today seemed like the perfect day to find inspiration/motivation to finally purchase one. here are two images i found on my favorite fashion photography blog, the photographer, tommy ton, is given backstage access to fashion shows and also captures all of the incredible outfits outside of said shows. 


this outfit is so perfect with its multi-layers, trench coat, jean on jean, and that relaxed beanie in the best shade of green. it looks so effortlessly put together and flawlessly executed.


this look is way more simple, with just a solid colored shirt underneath and rolled up sleeves. basically, this is how i would dress for class in my fantasy world. that fantasy world includes an unlimited budget for clothes, by the way. 

one look at my pinterest board ‘uniform’ would show you that my obsession with trench coats and layering is real. here are just a few of the looks that i pine over:

image        image

image        image

image        image

if you’re now looking at buying a trench like i am, here are a few stores that have them available online:

happy shopping!


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