it’s hard to believe that a new year has already begun. 2012 was, without a doubt, the best  year of my entire life— i began dating the man that i knew i would marry, i turned 21, i got engaged!, my older sister announced her second pregnancy, i was able to spend time with lots of family and friends and was so blessed with engagement parties/showers, and last but not least, i got hitched!

so as a new mrs., i’ve been learning what it takes to be married. we were blessed enough to receive almost everything we could need/gift cards to buy everything we need from all of our loved ones, and i have thoroughly enjoyed our endless trips to target. and of course, as a newlywed with a limited budget, crafting/diy-ing has become a big part of my life. i don’t usually make resolutions for the new year, considering my never-ending resolution for life is to be healthier, so instead of the norm, i’m making a list of projects that i will resolve to finish sometime in 2013. and don’t worry, every project will be displayed loud and proud on this here tumblr.

some projects for the new year:

  • hang our bedroom curtains
  • buy/have ike make a dining room table
  • fill our den with our own furniture (couches, coffee tables, tv stand)
  • find a floor lamp that doesn’t break the budget
  • learn how to store silverware in a kitchen that doesn’t have drawers
  • find matching nightstands
  • get organized! (this is a never-ending project)

as much as i would love to complete all of these projects and more, my main goal for the new year is to enjoy the incredible blessing that is being married to your best friend. and as amazing as 2012 was, i’m confident that 2013 will not disappoint. 

last but not least, i’ll try to leave y’all with some of my favorite things each week: — need some DIY inspiration? this hysterical and extremely talented couple can provide anything and everything you could possibly ever need. they are the king and queen of DIY blogs. — this 17 year old girl has actually been featured on Anthropologie’s list of tumblrs to watch. she has impeccable style and taste, and her posts almost always make their way onto my pinterest boards.


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